How do boys match their shirts more? This match is right.

Boys wearing shirts are very fashionable and temperamental, but if they are not well matched, the feeling will be greatly reduced. How do boys feel more comfortable with shirts?

1.Striped shirt + beige shorts

The classic fashion stripe shirt, the casual and simple version of the upper body is not too arrogant as a whole, in the bottom of the apricot-colored shorts, you can make the whole person more casual, gentlemanly, harmonious color matching It can make the overall wearing effect bring different feelings. In summer, it can be handsome and sunny, and can have personality and style.

2.Blue sleeve shirt + black shorts

The blue mid-sleeve shirt is actually a simple style. The simple style version doesn’t feel much good, but the combination of black shorts can make the overall look a lot more fashionable and very white. The blue mid-sleeve shirt puts the hem of the bodice into the waist, which further highlights the proportion of the body.

3.Light blue short sleeve shirt + shredded jeans

Casual loose light blue short-sleeved shirts and jeans are also super-fashionable, paired with black and white. In fact, this combination of colors is more energetic, and the light blue short-sleeved shirt will be set against the ripped jeans. Let the whole shape show a more refreshing, clean and stylish feeling.

4.Plaid shirt + black cropped trousers

British fashion style plaid shirt, the upper body can create a certain sense of layering on its own, a slightly slim version with the common black nine-point slacks of the lower body, can show the chic and handsome charm of summer boys The length of nine points combined with the length of the slim shirt can also outline a casual street feel, which is very practical in daily life.

5.Black and white striped shirt + black shorts

The shirt is a versatile one-piece tool that can be worn all year round. It can be worn in the summer when it is hot. The top is a shirt with black and white stripes. The simple and casual version matches the black shorts of the lower body to highlight the boys. The sense of free and easy, giving people a very simple feeling, will not appear frivolous and childish, such a shirt with a demonstration will never be outdated.

6.Army Green Shirt + White Shorts

Although the color is a serious military green shirt, but because of its casual and simple version with the white shorts on the body can automatically neutralize the serious atmosphere of the shirt, bring mature and stable male charm, generously try some wild bright The color of the eye changes the style, which is a must-have reference for summer casual men.

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