Blue shirt with what tie. Please remember these three matching skills.

Blue shirt with a tie

1, blue shirt with the same color striped tie

The stripes of the same color are calm and atmospheric with a retro feel. Compared to the solid color, there is a charm, and the elements of the stripes have a gradual but unmonotonous feeling. It is easy to show the delicate details in the dress.

Blue shirt
2, blue shirt with dark tie

First of all, according to the principle of color matching, because we have a deep color coat and a light blue shirt inside, the tie is going to choose dark, which is the best match. Then, to pick a dark tie, the “black tie” is one of the best conservative combinations for men who have just entered the workplace and are wearing a light blue shirt for the first time. Brown is also a good match.

Blue shirt
3, blue shirt with a conspicuous tie

Contrast color mustard yellow and dark red tie are highly visible, and the blue shirt is also very close, but remember a principle: the color of the tie must be deeper than the shirt, even the red and yellow tie, it is mainly dark.

Blue shirt